GF Multi – Point Float Level Switch

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The Working Principle of Multi – Point Float Level Swtich is direct and simple, set one point or multi – point of magnetic switch in sealed unmagnetic metal or industrial plastic tube, fix the float with inner magnetic system in a certain place of magnetic switch in the pipe and let the float drift up and down. utilize the inner magnetic system in the float the trigger the open and close of magnetic switch to operate and control the liquid level. the working principle is simple and proved to apply to liquid measuring under various conditions. normal open and close is the state witch inserting liquid, multi-point float level switch is widely used in level control and alarm of all kinds of industry such as electronic, electric power, chemical, water treatment, water supply and drainage. multi-point float level switch is custom made product in order for the convenience of customer, arrange the specification of float, material and characteristic, junction boc specification, connect specification and reffered kit specification to a diagram to select the right model for the customer. choose the right specification of float according to the using temperature, pressure, specific gravity, acid and alkali resistance of tested liquid. it is also need to select the contact specification, all operation point, operation style ( normal open or normal close ) and total lenght when purchase





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