Transparant Level Gauge

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Transparent level gauge is fitted with two plate transparent glasses. Fluid level
is indicated as the result of the different transparency of the two media. In
order to improve visibility under special operating conditions, an illuminator
can be mounted on one side of the transparent level gauge.
is type of gauge is used for measuring both total and interface liquid level of
fluids in a vessel and also allows the use of Mica shields on the glass for
excellent protection in steam service.



  • Double transparant glass level gauge
  • Use together with illuminator light for easy viewing
  • Pressure rating PN64
  • Flanges standard = DN20/PN40 or DN20/ANSI 300
  • Glass standard type B = size 34 mm
  • Mica shield protection option available for corrosive or high temperature liquid


  • Easy level reading
  • Low operation cost


  • Boiler
  • Surge vessel / dearator
  • Chemical Industries
  • Viscous colored and interface liquids





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